Friday, March 4, 2011

The next project...

It is upon us. I mentioned before that the next big thing happening before the "Big Move" was a tool shed in the backyard. It is going to house bikes, dollies, and various tools and garden implements that can't fit don't need to be in the garage. The plan has changed so many times. It started with the idea of a poured concrete foundation, but that proved to be too much work, and almost ended up pushing the tool shed idea into a pre-fab thing from Home Depot rather than a built-from-scratch building. But after some time thinking, and better perspective, and some ideas from the CAD-trained brother, it moved to a wooden platform foundation. Again, scrapped. Now it has (finally) evolved and is now blossoming as a tool shed with a foundation made with pavers, concrete supported uprights, and a full one roof built with rafters and tin roofing. The next step will be to add the hardy plank siding, and paint it.

Planning the roof and its supports.

The rafters installed.


The roof going on.

So proud of my sweetie!

I took my youngest to the town center Sunday afternoon while big sister was off with a friend. We enjoyed Swirlls frozen yogurt, playing near the fountain, and shopping for baubles.

I splurged on myself after receiving a (very) small financial windfall and bought a couple of refurbished lenses. The Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Standard AutoFocus  and the Canon Ef 28-135 3.5/5.6 Is Usm so of course I have been goofing off and taking even more random photos than ever.

For a last bit of random-ness, I made Italian beef in the crockpot this week. Devine on a crusty bun with provolone cheese and sauteed onions and mushrooms.

Oh, and my oldest got her track uniform and for some very bizarre reason she was totally excited about it. Go figure.

I am going to spend the weekend trying to tap into her energy reserve.