Saturday, February 12, 2011

Complete Randomness

Let's tick off some randomness for today.

1) Not much more progress on the shower. Some fixtures went in (which I have shown in a prior post but will do here too) and they look purdy, but the shower doors don't arrive until today (and probably won't get installed until tomorrow). The new hot water heater is here, and there is some talk that some folks might try to install it themselves. I'll let you know how that goes.

2) I made The Pioneer Woman's Three Cheese Pasta the other night. It was pretty good, although contrary to her directions, I did in fact cook the pasta a little too long and it did indeed come out a bit mushy. Oh, and  I forgot to save my pasta water. I also made bruschetta to go with it.

3) I love my Nook. I take it everywhere with me. I named it. Samirah Amie. Samirah = companion and Amie = friend. I often take pictures of it. Weird huh?

4) I got a hair cut. Actually, first I colored my hair. I hated the color at first glance. Especially before the highlights, but even after. It was kind of ash-y. I am always trying to counteract the gold-ishness of my hair and sometimes the color takes it too far into the bluish/greenish territory. But then I got my hair cut. All of the ladies at the salon loved my color and complimented me on it. Huh? I told them what I used (Loreal's Color Expert - Toasted Coconut) and that I thought is was ash-y. They didn't think so. After the cut, which did get rid of the really soft, super-ash-y ends, I was happier.

5) We went to a Super Bowl party. Who doesn't go to a Super Bowl party? Beer, and single barrel Jack Daniels, and bacon wrapped water chestnuts, and stuffed mushrooms, and spinach artichoke dip, and so on. It is kind of like Thanksgiving. Except with lots of appetizers. And liquor. (Note football game in background.)

6) I took random pictures of traffic the other morning on my commute.

That about sums up my week.


  1. Wow! the shower looks amazing compared to the "before" great job. Love the hardware too :)