Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shower update! We have tile!

I am almost too exhausted to write about it, but starting Saturday morning and then [not] finishing Saturday night, and continuing on Sunday morning and [not] finishing Sunday night, and then finally finishing Monday night. [Takes breath] WHEW! We had concrete backer board (oddly called Wonderboard) installed and then! tile, and then! grout. And then on the 7th day he rested.

All I know is that it seemed to go on for.ev.ah and everything was covered in a fine dust. Again. And then we got it all cleaned up last night. And then it would seem we are finally on the home stretch because the final caulking is going on as are the fixtures being installed.

The big jobs left are the shower door (obviously!) and the final fixtures and the new hot water heater. The whole thing is finally coming together and looks gorgeous, but I cannot WAIT for the new hot water heater. I love hot water. Lots of it.

Ok, too tired to keep on, and I have an enormous amount of laundry to do since the laundry room was out of commission for four days. Here are the pictures.

P.S. Can you tell that I am struggling with the lighting in this room? It has tons of windows, which means sometimes I get lots of natural light and my white balance can be set to daylight or shady. But other times, it is dark, and I use my flash + diffuser and the colors go all wonky.


  1. oh wow! It's SO pretty. Was it worth the dust?

  2. Absolutely! The little notch at the bottom is worth it all by itself. That is my shaving nook. A place to keep my stuff AND to put my foot up when I shave.