Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Busy weekend... and more to come

The weekend was awesome, but so busy, and now I am still catching up to the point where I can't even get around to posting about it until Tuesday! Whew!

In any case, it started with a delicious dinner at Eddie V's, our favorite seafood restaurant. Actually pretty much our favorite restaurant all around.

We traveled on to a club where a friend of ours was finally get up and back out in the real world after major surgery. Sorry. No pics (that I can share) here.

Saturday was a blur of chores and laundry and cleaning and cooking and finally. Nap. Time. That's what happens when you are old and stay up to late on a Friday. (See paragraph above). But the nap was totally worth it and essential to survival because friends came to town and we went to see Alter Bridge in concert.

This band is basically Creed. Except without Scott Stapp (thank God!). They rock harder too. Oh, and their songs are much, much better! This is Myles Kennedy. He has a really cool voice. Very unique. They have a new album out. Check it out here: Alter Bridge Official Site

Sunday. After sleeping in a bit, drinking copious amounts of coffee, eating a hearty breakfast, and seeing our friends off on their journey back to their home town, we headed into town to look at cultured marble and granite and bath fixtures. Yes, we are headed toward a major shower renovation. I am in denial. If I don't write about it, then it will magically happen and I will wake up one day to a groovy new shower. Yeah. Right. I do admit that I love to go to home improvement stores and fondle fixtures.

(I just converted this to B&W in an attempt to make bath fixtures seem sexier. Did it work? P.S. Thanks to The Coffee Shop Blog for the cool PSE action. P.P.S. See side bar for link to The Coffee Shop Blog.)

But the sojourn was not without additional awesomeness. We dined at a pizza place that, although we love it, don't get to often. A big shout out to Star Pizza on Norfolk and the yumminess known as homemade pizza dough.

Not my photo. Full credit to Star Pizza's website. I was too busy eating MY pizza to photograph it.

Ok. I've got my kids tonight and tomorrow for special time since their dad is out of town, so I am going to go check on homework, and showers, and You Tube usage.

P.S. Bought train tickets from Amsterdam to Cologne for the upcoming European vacation. Woot!

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