Saturday, January 15, 2011

Told you it was busy...

So Wednesday my youngest was in the spelling bee. First time either of my girls have been in it. They divide it up K-2, 3-5 and 6-8, so already the 3rd grader had a disadvantage... the youngest in the batch. Six from each grade, 18 altogether. In the gym. In front of all their peers from the classes. Oh, and they had to speak into a mike too, which most of them had NEVER done before in their lives. In any case, real proud of my girl. She made it to round three before getting knocked out. The word? quench

Friday night me and my honey went to one of our favorite places to eat.

They have a terrific roll there called the Crazy Irishman. Salmon and tuna and other deliciousness and they wrap it in soy paper and quick fry it. Yum! Since it was happy hour, they were half price. We had a couple of beers plus green bean tempura, edamame, and chicken yakatori. I just love the decor of this place!

Saturday I took the girls to a cooking class to try. I had a Groupon, so it was a great deal, which worked out perfectly because my oldest refused to participate. She is just not a social kid, and these kinds of situations are not her favorite. I didn't push. I did take advantage of her anti-social behavior by photographing her, which she hates, as you can see below. I have an enormous number of photos of her like this, the other photos being of her making a terrible face.

I did get a couple of okay shots after I showed her some continuous shot photos where it almost looked like a movie when viewed in rapid succession. This is one of the many I took of her saying "Stop it!" in slow motion.

Back to the cooking class... youngest thoroughly enjoyed it. Highly recommend Young Chef's Academy. They made crunchy fish nuggets with a tartar sauce and creamy cole slaw. They gave us copies of the recipes and she is ready to make the fish again tomorrow night. I was surprised to see that the recipes were low fat. Way to go Young Chef's!

More chores this weekend. Trying to start thinking about getting ready for the possibility of a garage sale in a couple of weeks. Love the money, hate the work, but got to start getting stuff cleared out to move.

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