Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Planning kicks into high gear!

We have been planning our European trip for more than a year. He's never been to Europe, and when he first told me that (more than a year ago), I said, "Let's go!" So we started saving, and planning, and we bought our plane tickets, and planned some more, and worked out a way to stay with his cousin in Paris for a few days, and planned yet more, and pre-paid our hotels. We are now at the point where we have little left to do. I need to look into an overnight ferry and get those tickets, and then a couple of train reservations need to be made, but that's it. Now it is time to get down and dirty into the meat of the trip... what are we going to do with our time in each city. I love this part of trip planning! The reading, and the mapping out of routes, and the notes about what would be nice to see, and what I absolutely don't want to miss.

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