Thursday, January 20, 2011

I love holidays! (But remodeling projects suck)

Monday was MLK. Not many folks have the day off save for those of us in banking or federal work. I don't *technically* work for a bank, but I get the day off and I am not complaining. My girls and I went to Mad Potter, which is one of those paint your own pottery places. Oldest wasn't feeling it (read instead), but youngest painted several pieces. I read a bit and occasionally helped her with some parts of her projects. It was just nice to hang out.

Back to work on Tuesday. Meh. But I got a good shot of the moon that evening when I standing in, of all places, the grocery store parking lot. Shh. Don't tell anyone.

You may have seen mention of an impending shower project. Well, it is impending no more, and it appears that demolition is to begin this weekend. While we have decided on tile and some cool fixtures and better volume (with control knobs no less) and a thermostatic valve and body sprays and a larger water heater, the fact of the matter is that, due to the stages involved and the people working the various stages, we are set to be without a master bath shower for, oh I dunno, A MONTH. Not that the other bathroom has a bad shower, it's just that all of that kind of stuff, well, you know... throws off the routine. I bet $50 that I am late to work everyday for the first week because I just won't be able to handle the change to my normal, zombie-ish way of going about my A.M. business. We'll see. Here is the shower BEFORE.

I know. I know. We can't get past the 80s gold/brass shower door either. The primary idea here is to expand the shower stall and make it approximately 48" x 48". But of course the shower door will be replaced too, and all the other groovy stuff mentioned above will be installed.

Psst. If by chance you did happen to get past the 80s gold/brass shower door, could you please not look too terribly close at the shower floor? I know that it is horrible. I hate cleaning showers. And then, well, once we knew we were going to replace it, we kind of just... stopped cleaning it. At least in the scrub it and make it sparkly kind of way. We do occasionally spray some bleach-y smelling mildew cleaner in there. Just to keep the growth from sprouting legs and invading the rest of the house.

I'll keep y'all apprised of the project, and my sanity.

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